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 HowToHackintosh ‘s Install Guide

What is Hackintosh?

Hackintosh is known as an action that you install Mac OS x86 on the computer which is not manufactured by Apple. Hackintosh has existed very early since 2008. The hackintosh community is very big and supportive.

Why do you need Hackintosh?

  • Hackintosh can be easily upgraded. Unlike apple products which is quite hard to upgrade, hackintosh is much easier to upgrade SSD, Ram, Graphics card,… 
  • Hackintosh is a cheaper option: Official Macs are way overpriced for the hardware specifications they provide. With the same budget, we can buy a much more powerful hackintosh.
  • You want to try a new operating system. You bored with Windows, Linux and wanted to try something new. With a refined new design, better and consistent operating system and hardware integration, Mac OS is a great option for you.

Is Hackintosh stable or not?

This is a very regular question for someone when they first know about Hackintosh. When we install an unsupported operating system on our PC, many people will think it will lack of stablity and support. Because of the long history, hackintosh has become very stable with the support of hackintosh community. So that, you can use hackintosh for working without any troubles.

Finally, good luck to all. Hope you will be able to install hackintosh