Create Your OC EFI

Firmware Driver

UEFI System

  •       HfsPlus.efi ( important )

Needed for seeing HFS volumes(ie. macOS Installers and Recovery partitions/images). Do not mix other HFS drivers

  •       Openruntime.efi ( important )

Replacement for AptioMemoryFix.efi (opens new window), used as an extension for OpenCore to help with patching boot.efi for NVRAM fixes and better memory management.

  •       Opencanopy.efi ( optional )

Used to manage the UI of Opencore, can be added on post install.

Legacy system

  •       OpenUsbKbDxe.efi

Used for OpenCore picker on legacy systems running DuetPkg, not recommended and even harmful on UEFI(Ivy Bridge and newer).


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