Installation Guide

Step 1: Create USB Installer from Our Vanilla Image or Create USB Installer from Apple

 HowToHackintosh’s Way


Apple’s Way


Step 2: Download Prebuilt EFI or Create your own one ( Recommend )

Step 3: Add EFI to your USB Installer 

Step 4: Prepare a partition with at least 40gb to install MAC OS

Step 5: Boot to the Bootloader menu on your USB Installer

Step 5: Choose your main language

Step 6: Format your partition or your entire hard drive to APFS

Step 7: Copy your EFI to your hard drive after installation

Step 8: Left a comment on forum to get a fully patched DSDT or hotpatched SSDT

Step 9: Usb Port Mapping

Step 10: Cpu Power Management with CPUFriend or SSDT-PM

Step 11: Fix Imessage and other Iservices

Step 12: Setup Dualboot with or without Bootcamp



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